Florida Native Plant Society Field Trip

June 1 The Villages Chapter of Florida Native Plant Society has invited Lake Beautyberry FNPS and friends to join them on their fieldtrip to…

Clearwater Lake and Silver Glen, with a short stop at the Yearling Trailhead


8:15 Meet the Village’s charter bus at Winn-Dixie 1955 North S.R. 19, Eustis, FL 32726 to travel to…

9:00am   Clearwater Lake Recreation Area, Ocala National Forest, We will walk in the Sandhill there. The recent rains should have greened things up and we will spot some wildflowers, maybe: green eyes, milkpea, blackroot, and lespedeza.  Not to mention bugs, butterflies, tortoise and pocket gopher burrows and other naturalist sightings to talk about. Maybe if we look up from the plants on the ground, we’ll even spot a red-cockaded woodpecker.

After our botanizing in the sandhill, we’ll go to the picnic area at the lake.  Bring your lunch we’ll relax, eat, and after, time and energy permitting, we’ll wade and walk the shoreline.

Depart from Clearwater Lake to travel via bus to: Ocala Forest, Silver Glen, and the Yearling Trail.


We’ll stop at Yearling trailhead for a quick look for scrub jays, bear tracks, and at the trail map.  The Sandhill “island” here was the locale for Marjorie K. Rawling’s book, The Yearling and an interesting walk, but it is hot for a Summer walk and we’ll be running out of time.   So we will head across the road to Silver Glen Spring also the site of an opening scene in the book and the movie. The scene: when Jody builds his flutter wheel instead of hoeing the corn.

At Silver Glen we’ll walk the trail to Jody’s Spring or the Sand Boils.  While “sand boils” may not sound very picturesque, they are mesmerizing.  The water rising up from underground brings quartz crystals which sparkle in the sunlight.  The “crystals” are really prehistoric beach sand which even longer ago was eroded from the Appalachian Mountains.


At 2:00 pm we’ll leave Silver Glen, head back to Winn Dixie, our cars and home.

This trip does involve a lot of travel but it is backcountry roads and  we will be sharing the bus.  Pre-registration is required, call Lavon 352-223-4761.  There is a 25.00 dollar cost for this trip.  Don’t forget to bring a  lunch, and of course prepare for a day outdoors in Florida.

Guides will be:

Lavon Silvernell, Trout Lake Nature Center Naturalist, retired

Pat Larson, Florida Master Naturalist, Instructor

Peg Urban, PEAR Park volunteer coordinator, and nature photographer