Lake county is bordered by 3 rivers: the Wekiva, St. Johns and the Ocklawaha. Within the county there are over 1,400 lakes, and thousands of acres of protected wetlands like those on the North Shore of Lake Apopka (19,000 acres) and Emeralda Marsh. It contains a first magnitude spring and numerous smaller springs. It also has 2 important ridges, the Mt Dora and the Lake Wales Ridge. And it is part of the protected 560,000 acre Green Swamp, Area of Critical Concern. Few counties in Florida offer so many diverse and protected habitats. Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve Web Site

The Lake County Welcome Center has published a 20 page brochure on Bird Watching listing eighteen Birding Spots including properties of the county, cities, St Johns Water Management District, Lake Co Water Authority, and USDA. This brochure was produced with input from Gallus Quigley and some of our OVAS chapter members, especially Mary Remer, Bob Putman, and Peg Urban. A limited number of copies are still available at Trout Lake NC or you can contact the Welcome Center at 800-430-5253. To download the list go to Lake County Bird Watching Check List