Snakes, the Good, the Endangered, and the Ones to Look Out For

OVAS usually trains their binoculars on birds, but for this September program at Trout Lake Nature Center the focus will be on Central Florida’s snakes. Snakes are often not popular neighbors, but for better or worse many of the things we do to protect birds benefits other wildlife species as well, including snakes. Nick Clark, Reptile Specialist with Central Florida Zoo, will share bio-facts with the audience about these reptiles: those which might live and carry out their lives in our own neighborhoods; a few of the endangered species that live in Florida’s wilder and often rapidly disappearing habitats; and the snakes whose defenses make them dangerous to when faced with a threat. Learning to identify snakes reduces the risk to humans and to snakes, and allows them to carry out their environmental functions, perhaps even making them another animal to enjoy observing in your yard. Nick will bring some live snakes to help with you with snake ID.

Sunday, September 3rd at 2:00 pm.

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